How Many People can the party room hold?

Party room can accommodate up to 100 guest.

Can I decorate the room as I would like?

You may decorate all tables and bring in ballons or banners. However, we ask that you do not decorate anything the walls.

How many days in Advance do i need to book my event?

We ask that you notify us as early as possible. We ask you do this to ensure your date is available, especially during Holiday seasons.

Can I bring my own Alcohol?

No need to bring your own because we have a full stock bar offering every drink choice you can think of.

What Food is provided during a Party?

Please refer to our menu for details on food choices and feel free to call in for any questions or comments. If you have a personal cake you are more than welcomed to bring it in.

If you have any future events coming up, please let us know so we can gladly help you. You may feel free to give us a call and one of our managers will be glad to assist you. If you would prefer to leave us a message, please use the forum below. Thank you!

Thanks! Message sent.